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The Wildlife Hospital

The hospital was founded in cooperation with the Zoological Centre Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Gan (Safari) and the Nature and Parks Protection Authority. These entities consider the treatment of wild animals and the rehabilitation and conservation of species in danger of extinction to be of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, in the last decades we have witnessed the disappearance of many of the Israeli wildlife; mammals, birds and reptiles. The many hazards that put wildlife in danger are caused the human activity, and we aspire to diminish these damages. Processes such as urbanization, reduction of living habitat, road building, hunting, poisoning, electrocution, road traffic accidents and more threaten to extinct the wildlife that has shared our world since back to biblical times.

Our purpose is to give wild animals the best veterinary care and rehabilitation possible, and to help prevent the extinction of wildlife in Israel and in the world.

Community education, especially of the younger generation, contributes to improving the habits and behavior of Israel's citizens. Involving the community in the activities of the wildlife hospital encourages respect for wildlife.

There once was a scientist who felt great responsibility for the fate of the whole world. He would lock himself in his laboratory day and night, determined to find the formula which would save the world. The scientist's young son began to miss his father and one day went into the laboratory and announced “Father I am here to help you fix the world”.

The scientist wished he could keep the boy busy so that he would not disturb him. He ripped out a page from a magazine which had a picture of the world on it, cut it into many small, different shaped pieces, handed it over to the child and said "Here, the world is broken, take some glue and fix the world”.

The father that was sure the boy would give up shortly and leave him alone, but was surprised when his son called him after a little while and said “Father, I finished fixing the world”. The father could not believe that his little son could reconnect the world map that he had never seen before, but when he approached the table he saw a perfectly connected map. “How did you do that?” he asked “You have never seen this map before.”, “True.” replied the boy, “But when you cut out the picture I saw there was a man drawn on the other side, and a man I do know how to fix”.

Fix the man and so fix the world, and since we know how to “fix the animal”, the hospital staff work 24 hours a day and devotedly treats about 2,000 injured animals every year.